Early detection:
The best treatment.

Agility and safety in the detection of
cervical lesions. Prevention for you.

Quick test, which can be performed by the patient herself, with results in minutes.

Similar to a pharmacy pregnancy test. It does not require equipment and is based on the self-examination method. 

Excellent marker to identify lesions and cervical cancer. 

Higher sensitivity and specificity compared to the Pap smear, a simple and non-invasive method.

The SelfCervix® is a self-collector of the cervix sample that allows the woman to carry out her own collection wherever and whenever she wants.

A solution to guide the choice of the most suitable treatment for each person, providing patient empowerment and access to personalized medicine and PRECISION ONCOLOGY.

Ziel Biosciences constantly invests in scientific and translational research in order to develop products with anticancer potential and intelligent diagnosis.

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